Guangdong Dekang Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. is a collection research and development, production, sales of fine chemical products in large-scale production enterprises, the factory covers an area of 45000 square meters, construction area of 25000 square meters, have a first-class modern standard factory building, is one of the modern chemical production enterprises in the domestic.

The company is provided with coating department, Department, Department of ink liquid...

  • GE (A) Series ester solvent gravure printing ink
  • 111
  • PU anti-yellowing light transparent topcoat
  • PU light transparent finish (polished type)
  • Super anti-yellowing white light oil tyrants
  • Anti-yellowing white light oil tyrants

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Address: Contact Telephone No. 1 Kaiping City Guangdong Province month Shan Zhen Cheng Dong Industrial Zone H: 0750--2766828

National Service Hotline: 0750--2766828





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